Saturday, May 26, 2007


I get what you are saying. I really do. But the show is called "the View". So you give yours and others give theirs and you say things like "Interesting, oh Really" and then move on. I really don't like how the show became all about you. That wasn't the original concept and more people would have been more receptive to your "view" if you hadn't tried to cram it down peoples throats.

I get what you are saying. You are not responsible for defending Rosie. If she makes a comment she needs to clarify it. But you need to open your eyes and speak your truth, not just the party line. You need to stop playing victim. You get paid to be the only Republican there. So just suck it up. What else would you be doing.

I usually tend to vote Republican. But I really hate labels. They pigeon hole people who decide to follow what everyone else is doing and not make decisions case by case, person by person, bill by bill. I don't know what I am. Sometimes I vote republican but there are things I support that are clearly democratic. I guess within each party there are shades. You can be at the light end of the republican color or the dark end. And the same for Democrats. I am probably on the border between a light democrat and light republican.

I know that this war has gone too far and too long. The Iraqis need to help themselves now. We need to stop killing innocent people. We need to find Bin Laden. Bush has lost sight of this and is like a dog with a bone. I would respect Bush more if he would just say that. But he never will and instead will go down in history as a horrible president when he could have been great. Sad. I voted for him and had high hopes for him after 9/11. He really was a great leader in that moment and very comforting and uplifting. But then something changed. And his hatred for Sadam and terrorists clouded is overall judgement and his vision of the future. I get what he wants. It is what we all would like. Peace. For Iraq to be a free and happy place. For the people that terrorists recruit to never want to join in because they would be so happy with their country and other countries. But we can't do that for Iraq, they have to do it for themselves. And us being there is only breading more hatred, contempt, and terrorists.

(I reserve the right to edit this later because I am being interrupted by a little girl)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another meeting about my boys

About 4 times a year I have to meet with a few people from the school about my boys. This time it was the principle, the school psychologist, special Ed coordinator, both teachers, and the adaptive PE teacher.

The meeting went pretty well. First thing we discussed is what the boys have improved on and what they are still struggling with. Basically it boils down to the fact that they cannot focus in the normal classroom environment. It is too busy and overwhelming. They also have a hard time prioritizing their work and doing what has to be done first. All of the people in the meeting have spent extensive time with the boys and agree on a few things. First of all they think that the curriculum in kindergarten is just boring to the boys. Intellegence wise they are way above the alphabet etc. So sitting at a table and writing the letter c 25 times is just mind numbingly boring and they believe that contributes to them not focusing. All of the educators have seen them focus when they are working one on one or when the subject is interesting to them. But they cannot focus on things that don't interest them. So we are going to work on getting the point across that they just have to do the work and then they can get a reward like a book or playing with toy etc. Both teachers have seen a lot of improvement with their writing but they just aren't fast enough to keep up. This will be a constant battle in first grade.

The principle is going to place them early in first grade and give their files to their teachers. We will meet again with those teachers at the end of summer. Some other things that are going to be considered are extending time for them to do the work and extra help with keeping them focused. The psychologist is also going to do further testing. She is leaning towards Aspergers syndrome but isn't sure.

The good news is they met or exceeded all the requirements in Adaptive PE and the teacher said they will be fine in regular PE next year. We just need to keep up the regular exercise and increasing upper body strength. And also keep working with the ball.

So during the summer they want the boys to keep writing and maybe spend time helping them learn how to direct themselves to do work. They need to learn the internal thought process to get through a paper. So I am brainstorming ideas on this. We already discussed doing a summertime journal where they could take pictures, print them out and write 3 sentences about what they did that day. I am going to have to set up some kind of weekly plan of activities so that everything gets covered. It will be a busy summer but hopefully it will help them in first grade.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Emmy is amazing me everyday with all the words and sentences she is saying. She has grown verbally so much in the last couple of weeks. She is having conversations with everyone and anyone, even complete strangers. Even the grocery bagger was surprised and said to me, "So Uncle John is comming over for cheeseburgers". I just laughed. And when Uncle John came over he couldn't believe how much she was saying. He hadn't seen her in a month and she is just talking up a storm now. I really love it. I love that she tells me whether she had a good dream or bad dream. I love that she tells me where she has a boo boo. I love that she says "I don't like it" when I give her certain foods, instead of just throwing it. I love that the first thing she says when I open her door in the morning is "Good Morning mommy" and when I say I love you she says "I love you too mommy". She knows so many songs by heart and it is hilarious to watch her sing and dance to them. She loves the wiggles songs and does all the dances. And I also discovered she knows the words to Fergies "Glamorous" and Gwens "Sweet Escape".

Now the down side, she won't stop talking. Add in older brother Anthony's non-stop talking and I often feel like I am going to explode. I rarely have the TV on, not because I am anti TV but because adding any more noise to the mix is not happening. The other down side is her telling me no or I don't like it when it is nap or bed time. If I ask her "Are you tired, do you want to go night night?" she always responds " No, I don't like night night".

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


One of my few issues is that I am able to give myself anxiety attacks by thinking of horrible things. From time to time events trigger me to think of the unthinkable.

For example almost 5 years ago a little girl named Samantha Runnion was kidnapped, sexually abused, and murdered not to far from where I live. The crime was and is sooooo horrific to this day I cannot see her face without crying. She was so beautiful and innocent and the most evil thing happened to her. From this time on I have never forgot her and the anxiety I have from this event has been transferred to my children. I am soooo aware of where they are. I do let my boys play out front but they have to stay in front of the window. They have been drilled over and over to not talk to a stranger and when someone comes walking by they run to the screen door and call me. Or sometimes they yell "Stanger stranger" which I am sure the innocent people walking home from school love. Anyway I am probably what most consider over protective and living in a bubble.

Then the story of Adam Walsh. An innocent little boy who was mutilated and to this day they haven't found all of his remains. So horrifying. Just playing at video game center in a Sears, then gone forever. His parents having to live with just finding his head and not knowing how he died or how scared he must have been. And his case never saw a conviction. So no closure.

Then recently a family was driving on a local highway and a truck slammed into the back of them, killing all 3 of their children. In one minute a family of 5 to childless.

I honestly do not know how these parents go on. How they wake up? How they face each day? How they deal with the knowledge that their children died horrible painful evil deaths. I don't know how it is possible. I don't think I could. I think I would go insane or catatonic. It would be too much.

Which brings me to the question I sometimes ask myself. What have I opened myself up to by having these kids? I love them with all my heart. They are the most precious people on the planet to me. And they could be gone in an instant. And my life as I know it would be over. I don't want to be too over protective, but I also don't want to make a mistake and know I could have prevented something horrible. Maybe I am making my children live in a bubble but how can I not knowing all the horrible things that are possible. How do you hear stories like this and not have it affect you or the way you watch your children?

Links to the above stories.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Date Night

Well we had a wonderful evening. I couldn't have asked for more. We went to this restraunt in downtown Fullerton called

We sat in the courtyard and it was just a beautiful peaceful evening. No children screaming. Just the sound of the birds and the fountain. I had a petite filet with tequila shrimp. It was sooooo good. I also had 3 Sangrias. They were also delicious and the chef came out and gave us his recipe. I can't wait to try it. Anyway it was such a peaceful night. After dinner we walked around the streets of downtown Fullerton. They were all filled with happy people just wanting to have a good time.

We decided to go into this little martini bar called
We had a couple of drinks at the bar and just relaxed. It was nice to be able to talk to each other with out being interupted or hearing crying in the background. We left there and walked for a bit before heading home. It was such a wonderful night I didn't want it to end. I miss the peace already. I can't wait to do it again.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

and Another

Well as I type this at 3pm it is 96 degrees outside. Too hot. I was over by the little gym this morning and could see the smoke still wafting up from the remains of yesterdays fire. Charles just called me and sent me this pic which was taken in downtown Pasedena. He is working and saw the smoke. Found out a fire started in Griffith Park at around 1:30. Several important locations are affected by this fire including the Observatory, the Los Angeles Zoo, and the Gene Autry museum. I know I am forgetting others. Anyway, hopefully they get it under control soon. Winds aren't bad today but temps are high. God bless those fire fighters. They sure do work hard and in dangerous conditions.

Monday, May 7, 2007


It is hot and windy today. Everytime it gets like this some idiot starts a brush fire. Last night I could smell smoke but never saw anything on the news that would tell me where it was comming from. Anyway I hate these days. Hot, windy, dry, my skin dries out in two seconds. Hopefully no fires today.

Edited at 6:15

Well I left from helping at the boys kindergarten around 4:30 and saw smoke in the sky over by where Emmy goes for Little Gym. I was busy when I got home but just saw this on the local news.

- A fire that broke out Monday in the eastern corner of Featherly Regional Park in Yorba Linda prompted evacuation of campers in an RV park while crews attacked the wind-driven flames with helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

The blaze, reported to the Orange County Fire Authority at 2:10 p.m. in the park at 24001 Santa Ana Canyon Road, started in Coal Canyon and headed in a westerly direction, past Gypsum Canyon and an RV park, said Orange County Fire Authority Capt. Stephen Miller.

By mid-afternoon, it had burned about 30 acres between the Riverside (91) Freeway and the Santa Ana riverbed in a wide area of old trees and vegetation, Miller said.

No recreational trailers had been lost to the flames, he said.

Thirty fire engine companies were on scene and another 30 were on the way late this afternoon. The flames were "nowhere near contained," although crews were starting to get a handle on the blaze, Miller said.

A portion of the Eastern Transportation (241) Corridor near the 91 Freeway was closed because of smoke, Miller said.

See, I knew it. Windy+Hot=fire

Friday, May 4, 2007

I need to breathe

Sometimes I forget how much this helps. Just breathe. I really am overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I have to get done. The house is a disaster. I really let it go this week and just said screw it. I am soooo tired of picking up and the next second it looks like a friggin tornado hit. One meal destroys the kitchen and the dining room floor looks like something exploded on it after the 3 kids eat. Anyway I have to step it up this weekend cuz next week is extremely busy. Little Gym, helping at the school book fair, field trip to the zoo, School open house, dog sitting, bake a cake, book club, pick a book for book club, date night, and mothers day. Ahhhhhh. Ok breathe.

New stuff.

Well this week just flew by and looking ahead I feel almost overwhelmed.

We got a new vehicle this week to tow our trailer. My van was not gonna cut on the steep grades of the Sierra Nevadas so we got an SUV. I really like it but still like my van better. And with gas prices it is gonna suck. At least I don't drive much during a regular week but I can't bare to fill it up so I send Charles ha ha. Anyway I also miss my van cuz it was just easier all around but the amount of fun this vehicle is gonna give my boys this summer will make me forget the van in no time.