Monday, March 24, 2008

Party time.

Emmy had a wonderful time at her party. There were lots of cousins to play with and she would never leave the bounce house. She was very well behaved and I was so proud. Everyone loved the food and enjoyed themselves. So the work was all worth it. Here is link to more pics if anyone is interested.¤t=207aaf6a.pbw

Thursday, March 20, 2008

My baby is 3

My baby is 3 today. I am kinda sad. She has grown up so fast. She acts like she is so old. She can drive me so crazy but I love her so much. She is always right next to me, like a shadow. She gives the best hugs and kisses and loves to take care of me. I am so blessed to have such a happy, healthy, and engergetic little girl. Happy Birthday Baby!

Panic Panic Panic

It is getting close and I am still sick and have soooooo much to do. This morning I have to get everyone up and dressed, boys to school, Emmy has a drs. appt at 8, Then preschool for her party. Then I head to the boys school for an hour to help, then to Sams to make a dent in my list. Then pick up Emmy, lunch, dishes, pick up boys. Homework, dinner, clean if I have time. Baths. etc etc. I will have to do most of the work at night which sucks cuz I am so tired at the end of the day.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pure Torture

I am so sick that dying actually looks appealing. I know that sounds horrible. But I swear there are moments that I am so uncomfortable and so tired that permanent sleep sounds nice. I have this horrible sinus thing and my head feels like it is going to explode. I swear, I wish I could poke a needle in it to releave the pressure. To top it off for the past week I have barely slept. I have been up every hour peeing. So I look up side effects of the Paxil I am on and it says frequent urination and insomnia. So finally I took my paxil in the morning and last night I finally slept almost all night. I woke up at 3 when Charles was up getting ready to leave. Oh I forgot to mention that Charles is gone tonight on a business trip. So I am alone with three kids.

I am getting by the best I can. The sink is full of dishes (dishwasher broken). The hampers are overflowing. The playroom looks like a tornado blew threw. I am making the easiest dinner I can, hot dogs and apple slices. I haven't eating in 3 days but may try some soup tonight. My stomach is freaking out because of all the meds I am taking without food. I have actually gone out with out drying my hair and with out makeup or earing. This is rare for me. But I honestly do not care.

In the mean time to be nice my MIL and SIL came over and picked up Emmy for the morning to give me a break. They walk in and Emmy runs and gets her new top she is wearing for her Tinkerbell Bday party next weekend. She just loves it. It has a green camisol with Tink on it and a purple and lavender flower overlay that is a little shear. Originally I was going to get her a Tinkerbell costume but decided against it because we are getting a bounce house. So I figured this would be better and easier to get crazy in. Anyway here is a pic.


So do you know what my MIL says to me. "Oh you decided to dress her like a flousey." WTF. There is no way that this is a flousey type of shirt. It has tinkerbell on the front and pretty delicate flowers. My jaw dropped. This woman is so unappreciative. Our little party of close family and friends has expanded to 50+ people because "she" wanted a big party. So we are shelling out 600 bucks to make her happy. And she has the nerve to critizize Emmy's new shirt when she could clearly see how happy Emmy was and how much Emmy loved it. Ahhhhhh.

So anyway tonight I am going to try to survive and hopefully get some more rest so I can work on this house. I only have one week left and I am in freak out mode.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I am so tired of sickness. I swear I have been sick for two months. Charles has had a cough for like 6 months. And some crazy ass fever has run through our kids with Anthony getting strep throat. I have a bazillion things to do to get this house ready for Emmy's bday party. And I wake up achy with a fever and total sinus congestion. WTF. Haven't I had my share of sickness already? Then as I am lying in bed this morning the phone rings. It is Charles saying he's got the fever. So this basically means that I am SOL when it comes to help with the kids tonight.

And I want to strangle my MIL. She wanted Emmy to have a big party. Well we didn't but now through her grapevine we have 60 people comming. That is 60 people to feed and 15 goody bags for the little kids. Big kids are SOL. I am really trying to focus on what will make Emmy happy cuz she is the only guest that matters. But I get all these special requests from my MIL for food etc. So I told her to bring it. I think she was pissed but oh well. Then I have to hear crap from my mother who says "Why do you listen to her and not to me?" Ok I really have time to deal with her jealousy over nothing.

Anyway I have decided that instead of spending 600 bucks on her party, next year we are taking Emmy somewhere like Disneyland.