Monday, December 1, 2008


Ok so busy lately so I will update a little.

November - Went to Las Vegas and won 10K. Awesome feeling. Came home and the area had been ravaged by fire.

I have purchased an iPod touch for Charles, a Garmin for Charles, all Christmas presents, a leather couch, a new bed, a bunch of stuff for the house, paid off our Vegas trip. I have a little bit of money left which may be for new TVs but I am not sure.

We have donated a ton of stuff to the fire victims. So far 3 large boxes worth of clothes, a sofa and love seat. In the works is a large entertainment center, television and a bed. It feels good to help people out when you know you have been so fortunate.

The biggest problem with winning the money has been other people expecting stuff. All of DH's family is expecting huge gifts. But that isn't happening. And not because we aren't able but mostly because they "expect" it. That bugs me. Plus we have never ever spent money on us. Always on the kids. So we are treating ourselves. I don't think that is too selfish. So Charles' family is going to have a big surprise when they get only a $50 gift. When we drew names for the gifts his family members were praying that we would pick their names. I drew my MIL. When I asked her what she wanted she pointed out a $200 watch in an ad from Macy's. I said "That is not $50". She gave me such a look. Charles saw and said he will buy for her so she will be mad at him and not me. She'll still be mad at me because I will be the one who "convinced" Charles not to spend lots of money on her. Oh well.