Saturday, February 23, 2008

I don't do this often

Well I just haven't felt like blogging lately. Mostly cuz I have been sick or busy or busy and sick. I am very tired of being sick. I just have too much to do and can't be like this. Plus this is Charles' busiest time of year so even when he is home he is on the computer crunching sales number and drawing up regional buys. So he is no help, plus he expects me to keep the kids away from him which is so hard cuz they all miss him.

Emmy has been so insane lately I honestly have to gather all my strength to get up. I dread each day. She tests me every minute. First she has to do everything herself. So even getting dressed is an ordeal. If she puts it on wrong she freaks out. If I try to help her she freaks out. This is especially frustrating when I have no time and I am trying to get everyone off to school. She seems to really reaching for attention. I think it is because I have been so busy or sick plus her daddy hasn't been home much. She dumped a bottle of nail polish on herself and my dining room chair (thank god I had a cover on the seat). She through a cup of coins all over the living room. She dumped my silk flowers all over the living room. I make her pick it all up but it usually is a battle and involves a time out. So I am thinking other than my laundry I am going to just spend some time with her this weekend.

Well here are some newer pics from the last month or so. I don't think anyone looks at my blog but I'll post them anyway.