Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kinda sad

Well for the past few months my brother has been separated from his wife Gina. Most of the time I am ok with it but sometimes it gets me down.

Back history is that Gina is my childhood best friends (Heather) Aunt. She has known me since I was 4. My brother went through a break up at the same time as her and me and my friend Heather thought we should fix them up. It seemed to work out. But 21 years later they decided to end it.

It is a really weird situation for me. I am attached to her and her family in a way that is different than other SIL relationships. I spent many weekends with her sister Julie and my friend Heather. We all went on vacations together and she helped teach me to drive. All before my brother was even in the picture. Later in life Gina and Heather hosted my Engagement party, bridal shower, and both of my baby showers. Such a huge part of my life and my past.

Now it is so awkward. Heather's mom Julie is hell bent on making sure my brother pays. She went though a horrible divorce when Heather was young and she is re-living it through Gina. I haven't called Heather because although I would hope our friendship could survive this I also know how close Heather, Gina and Julie are. I know that Heather and my brother have had issues because he feels she is too much in their business. I am afraid if I call her it will look like a betrayal of my brother. Gina's support team is so strong and my brother is pretty alone other than me.

So until I find the courage to call her it will fester. And I will be sad that two families that have been so close for 30 years are now separated.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hamster wheel of life

Well last weekend we went to Fresno to visit Charles best friend John and hang at his house. It was fun and I was super organized and even left the house all clean and the kids clothes ready for the next week.
Well this week I feel like I can never get caught up. I am running running running all day long with interuptions from the kids and at the end of the day all the things I wanted to finish are staring at me.
We are going camping with friends this weekend and I have to clean out the trailer. It is hideous inside. A vent was left open the last time we had strong winds and it is full of dust. So I get to spend my only morning without all 3 kids cleaning it out.
Meanwhile the laundry is piling up and I have to keep up because we will be gone again all weekend. Add in the dishes and the fact that Emmy decide to empty out her toybox and it is impossible to get it all done. Ahhhhhh.
Well small goals. Clean out the trailer. Wash 3 loads. Wash dishes. Make grocery lists for trip. Make packing lists for trip. Thats all I can hope for today.