Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pudelpointer Mania

Ok I haven't blogged in forever but I have been insanely busy. And because I am so smart I just added a puppy to the mix. His name is Scout and he is a Pudelpointer. He is very very sweet but he is also a puppy. So the chewing is fast and furious. He also loves to cry for us when we leave. Breaks my heart. I feel like a new mom again. No sleep and having to constantly watch him when he is not in his crate. But I am hoping that the end result will be a great pet for my family and a great hunting partner for my husband and boys. Now if I could get him to understand that my shoes are not for chewing and that he doesn't need to eat the cat's food. Fun times.


Lizzard said...

OMG, found pictures on your blog. What a sweetie. Your kids are gorgeous too!

Lizzard said...

Yeah...Been there, done that. I never got any sleep. You seem to be a very strong person, and you will get through the crazy puppy stages. :-)

Please feel free to ask anything, and I can try and answer, or will find the answer for you. I know quite a few pudelpointer owners now, and it's a great little community!


Lauren said...

He's so cute!

I thought you needed an "A" name?

Annalisa said...

Thanks Lizzy! I love reading your blog.

Lauren- He has an A name for the hunting registry. But his "call" name is Scout. Charles named him "Augustus" ha ha.